Design makes the difference!

The PiCano is not just some collection of sheet material and spacers. A carefully thought-out design is the reason for its unique look.

Behind your screen?

With a Raspberry Pi your screen can be used as media center or gaming device. Using PiCano you can attach it behind your screen using its standard VESA 100x100 mm mount while still allowing other devices to connect to it.

It's a bracket too

Not only can a PiCano be attached to a VESA mount, but other VESA-compliant devices can attach to it as well. This makes it possible to attach a PiCano between a screen and a monitor mount or wall mount.

Semi-transparent core

The holographic effect of the acrylic PCB-carrier adds to the design. With the LEDs glowing in the dark your Raspberry Pi gets nicely emphasized.

Imagine the possibilities!

Because of the firm VESA mount connection it is possible to connect your own devices, build racks, or use PiCano as a bracket for attaching your display device to a VESA wall mount.

a VESA-compliant enclosure

No messy cables on your desk or next to your screen: the PiCano attaches to your screen's VESA mount.

for Raspberry Pi

No matter what you use it for, the PiCano is a great host for your Raspberry Pi.

by Steve Royd Marker

Steve has a passion for beautiful design and craftsmanship. To learn more about Steve and his projects, visit